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It was just announced that beginning the third Wednesday of each month, the Salina Public Library will be bringing  a large selection of books and other items for us inmates to check out.  I’m so excited about it.  When they are here they can renew  and issue new library cards and check out and return library items.  They’ll also be able to show me how to down load their e-books to my Kindle which, after a period of time, disappear.  It’s all very magical.

I called yesterday and gave some very nice, accommodating person a list of books I’d like to read and requested they could bring two or three of them when they come…books by Donna Tartt, Sue Monk Kidd, Bill Bryson, Pablo Coelho, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

And, to make it even easier for me, I can reserve books on line which they put on a special shelf at the library and my friend, Lynn, will pick them up for me when she goes to the library, which is several times  a week. I can always go to the Library myself, as it’s convenient and I just love the place, but this is even easier for me.  I still struggle with my walker, parking, carrying “stuff”, etc.
And, those same nice people send me an email to alert me when my books are due to be returned.  I love it all.

All this is under the auspices of Joe Mackenzie, long time director of the Salina Public Library….and friend.

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I ventured back to the library this afternoon to return books and check out others for a week of reading.  Barbara who works there helped me through the procedure.   I almost get it. Everyone there is very helpful.  I checked out five books this time so I need to get busy turning pages.  Doris is reading the Bill Bryson books I pass on to her.  She really gets a kick out of his humor, as do I.  He is one funny man.

I saw Bob Weber at the Library and exchanged a few words.  He lives here too, in a townhouse, but I’ve only seen him and his wife once since  I moved in.  This is a big place and paths don’t cross often.

I’m not sure what I’ll have for dinner.  Maybe the last of the ham and eggs, if they haven’t hatched.  I’m not quite close enough to get those good handouts from Karen, Ally and Claudia. I miss them.

They aren’t doing anything on my apartment.  I wish they would get to it so I could move.  My neighbors there won’t be interested in who my guests are and whether they are “relatives or friends”.  ‘Tis funny.

I missed the “big moon” unintentionally and the Grand Canyon walker intentionally.  The latter is a flying Wallenda and I just don’t like to watch their treks across spans high above the splat zone.  He was successful and I commend him for his act of bravery, but I’m not going to watch.

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