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It’s difficult for me to keep up with my blog when so much is going on around here.  Today Karen came by early to help “settle me in” my new apartment.  The big move went well,  thanks to family and friends, but stuff and things needed to be rearranged and dispersed.  We tossed a few items, but most things were intended for a place here and now they have found their proper niche.

Karen and Todd picked out a wonderful quilt for my bed that Karen delivered today.  I just love it and it fits to the floor the way I could only hope that it would.  A dust ruffle wouldn’t work so this is perfect.   It’s light weight so I can manage it…and it lends a feminine touch to my brass bed and the room.  Once I get the LeRoy Neiman Delecroix Tiger hung above my desk, that is on loan from Tyler, my room will it will be just the way I want it…desks, computer, MUSIC, dressers, clothes, and the most comfortable bed in the world, all next to but apart from my living room.

We got rid of all the boxes and arranged my spare computer table that is now a desk for all desk stuff.  Marian Adrian, the previous resident in this apartment, left the table and a chair for me.  It’s perfect for all my desk gadgetry, stationery, cards, note papers, scratch paper and odds and ends.  Lynn gave me her old computer table that is too small for my computer but is perfect as a med dispensing table.  It is perfect for that and very convenient.  With it,  I’m not inclined to be tardy taking my meds.

Ann and Terry Headrick stopped by yesterday for a chat and to take a peek at my digs.  They have several shops with old and new merchandise scattered around Salina and Abilene so they are on the alert for a living room chair for me.  And, I have friends here who are on the lookout for a chair or two and a like-new dining room table that is slightly larger than the one I now have.  That should round out my furnishing for #218.  My friends have been most helpful with very good suggestions.

And…my neighbors, the same above mentioned friends, have stopped by to watch the progress…Hazel, Mabelle, Amy, Margie, Dorothy and Joy.  I have great neighbors.  Mabelle just came by to tell me how much she likes my apartment…and my art work…but added, “I don’t understand it at all…but I like it”.

Karen and I went out for lunch.  I was hungry for “burnt ends” so we went to the Hickory Hut, which has great barbecue.  Last night Kim and I went to Jalisco’s Mexican restaurant, which is also good.  I like their combination plates, particularly #21 which is a tamale, 2 chile Rellenos and a guacamole tostada.  I always bring some home for the next day, which comes in handy.  This time of year I have no shortage of things to fix for my dinner…good tomatoes, little cucumbers, onions, peaches, pears and you can’t beat the roasted chickens from Sam’s for flavor and price.

Grandson Tyler is visiting friends in CA and is driving the coastal highway from Sacramento south.  Drew is visiting Ally in Vail right now.  She’s fixing him a steak for dinner…after a swim.  Todd is attending the K-State football game.  Karen is off to KC and a very special baby shower tomorrow.  Everyone is busy, and happily so.


It looks like granddaughter Mackenzie and Ty are attending a gathering of Asychrony employees at the City Museum in St. Louis.

I’m reading Hitch 22 and it’s due back to the library next week so I have to get busy and finish it.   It’s one I can’t renew so I better get to it.  For anyone who likes the writings of Christopher Hitchens, I highly recommend it.  It’s not an easy read but very good and worth the effort.

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Yesterday Ally came to have lunch before heading out to Abilene on bid’ness.  We went to Bogey’s for a hamburger and shake and ran into friends from Ellsworth. It’s always good to see friends from home.  Jokingly, Blog reader Marilyn asked  me why I wasn’t in my yoga class.  I got a kick out of that but my class wasn’t until 4:15. It’s hard to keep track of where I’m supposed to be every day so I’m happy for the reminders.

Ally got me some much needed new sheets and made my bed with them.  Karen had laundered them and I really think they are the nicest sheets I’ve ever had….600 count Egyptian cotton, heavy, soft and very generous in size.  The top sheet is exceptionally long which I really like.  I have trouble making my bed and can’t manage changing the sheets, tucking in and squaring corners.  Karen and Ally do that for me so it’s really done right.  I slept like a box of rocks on them last night.

There is a van load (14) ladies from here going to Ellsworth on Sunday the 28th for the dinner theater at the correctional facility.  They are all looking forward to it.  I think they could have filled two vans if they had been available.  The Palace is really good about providing transportation to events that people want to attend and they don’t charge for it.  Todd has made arrangements for those who might find walking to  the spiritual life center from the van a little arduous.  They are also arranging for those residents who have dietary restrictions.  The ECF really does an outstanding job accommodating guests for their dinner theater.

This is really a great place to live.  They try their best to accommodate residents in every way.  I hope our next trip to Ellsworth is to Pretty Boy Floyd’s although I’m not sure I can navigate the steps….yet.  Some of the women here exercise 2 1/2 hours a day and are spry as kittens and walk the stairs all the time.  They can run circles around some of those much younger individuals. Some even go to the Y where they have their own personal trainers for workouts.  Amazing and inspiring.

After Trivia, Ginny and I are going to the Art Cinema to see the Emperor.  Maybe, after that, we’ll go to IHOP for senior special 2×2x2…two pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon or sausage for dinner.  It’s a beautiful day to be going somewhere and  I always welcome the opportunity to see a good movie.

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